Lifeline Battery Services

LIFELINE, the best marine batteries available!


LIFELINE batteries are hand assembled using special interlocking cases which are sealed with epoxy resin. Once fully charged and drained, the cells are charged to a slight positive pressure. They have superior strength, do not leak while inverted, and internally process charging gasses, all ideal marine battery characteristics. Technology learned from investing millions of dollars in research and years of practical exposure further combine to make LIFELINE marine batteries the best batteries for marine applications available in the World.

When selecting LIFELINE marine batteries, you get the best battery available; one with thick positive plates, dense active material, superb grid design, premium insulation, separator liners, sealed construction, and an excellent no hassle warranty package.

Coastal Yacht Services is a certified LIFELINE marine battery dealer.

LIFELINE Marine Batteries FAQs

Are LIFELINE® marine batteries made in American?
Yes. Lifeline Batteries produces the highest quality AGM batteries for Marine/Boat and RV/Recreational Vehicle applications. Each sealed lead acid Marine/RV battery is hand crafted in the United States.

What type of Technology goes into LIFELINE® marine batteries?
Their current LIFELINE series is designed for marine, RV (Recreational Vehicles), UPS, inverter stand-by and photovoltaic applications in order to correct many of the shortcomings of the sealed gel (GEL-CELL) batteries. LIFELINE AGM construction maintains the sealed aspects of gel batteries while reducing their chronic recharge sensitivity. In addition, LIFELINE AGM technology increases Amp-Hrs., Cranking Performance, Reserve Capacity, Depth of Cycle and Cycle Life over gel technology.

What are the benefits of LIFELINE® marine batteries?
Each LIFELINE marine battery has the following features:

  • User Safe (sealed construction, non-spillable, install in any position if properly supported, submersible without damage)
  • Maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals)
  • Fastest recharge. (no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging)
  • Deep Cycle (thick positive plates to provide real deep cycle performance)
  • Outstanding cranking performance (aircraft cell construction lowers internal resistance)
  • Best charge retention (especially against flooded cell types)
  • Lowest discharge rates (Less that 3 percent per month unattended)
  • Easily shipped (even via UPS except GPL-8D and GPLAD because of weight)
  • Shock and vibration resistant. (100% of plates are covered with separator liners)
  • Properly supported, LIFELINE AGM batteries with absorbed electrolyte can be installed and operated on their side.

What commercial ships and pleasure craft use LIFELINE® batteries as standard equipment?
Lifeline Batteries are used as original equipment on many high quality commercial ships and pleasure craft including Lazarra Yachts, Island Packet, Pacific Seacraft, Viking Yachts, Elco Electric Boats, San Juan Yachts, Alden Yachts, Hinckley Yachts, Santa Cruz Yachts, Christensen Shipyards, Blue Water Yachts, and Broward Marine.

Is there a manual for LIFELINE® marine batteries?
Yes. Click here to access the online manual.